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I provide supervision for counsellors or anyone working within pastoral care and social practice systems.

I see my work as a supervisor as walking alongside counsellors as they discuss and grow in their own way of being as a professional, on behalf of the welfare of the people who come to see them. I enjoy supporting professionals to safely navigate the highs and lows of working with people and within pastoral care and social practice systems.

I am Registered with the NZAC and am able to provide supervision to those working toward membership. My original counselling training was completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Counselling) at The University of Auckland. There, I was grounded in Person-Centred counselling and introduced to a range of modalities. As a Counsellor, I have grown into a practitioner that uses an integrated approach. I draw on CBT, Narrative and other modalities, based on the wishes and needs of those I am working with.​

Sand Tray is a powerful tool that I have been using since I began counselling and am particularly excited to share with people, both as a tool for supervision and a highly effective technique you can add to your own practice.

Cameron Dickson, Counsellor, Supervisor, Cartography Counselling
Areas of Experience



Education contexts

Pastoral care systems

Sand Tray

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