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Working using online video calling is a great tool, but it does have limitations and, at times, technical challenges. To be prepared please read and consider everything below. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

You will need a device with a camera and microphone. Headphones can be a useful option to cut down audio feedback.

You will also need a strong fast internet connection. If you are able to stream Netflix or other media without interruption it should be strong enough. If possible, avoid having other people in your space doing anything significant on the internet at the same time you are on your network or device. Also, consider turning off any programs that may be running in the background using bandwidth like Skype.

You need to ensure you have a suitable private space to call from where you are comfortable, feel safe to talk, and won't be interrupted by anyone else during the session. Please also consider what distractions you can remove from your space.

Occasionally, we can end up having connection problems and it will be difficult and frustrating.

Alternative plans can be:

A) Move to using a phone call for audio and leave the video connection running as best as it is able.

B) Move to audio only on the Zoom call

C) try another platform

D) We can just talk on the phone.

Please make sure you have a phone handy during the session as a backup in case of technical difficulties.

Sometimes this way of working can lead to miscommunication due to technical issues. If I do something that you are surprised or offended by, or seems ambiguous, please clarify with me what I said or meant, in case it was a glitch of sound or other issue that caused a misunderstanding. I will endeavour to do the same for you.

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