• Cameron Dickson


Updated: May 11, 2020

I found myself looking at this peach tree the other day and it reminded me of an issue that I find is easy to be caught out by. It is often a hidden rock that we can run aground on.

My attention was captured by the peach tree and how good it looked. The fruit was large and ripening, looking golden in the setting sun. The branches were covered in fruit.

But, as I continued to look I saw, as is clearer in the second image, that one branch was actually bowed down by the fruit. The weight of the fruit it was producing was almost more than the branch could bear.

It immediately struck me as a metaphor for a situation I personally have had to learn to manage in my life (and still sometimes do). It is one that, in our culture with its tendency to busy, highly active lives, engaged in a range of pursuits and roles, many of us are affected by. Often without realising.

One activity, project or thing you’re doing in life can be "a good thing" when considered on its own merits. But it is crucial that all of the good things you’re attempting to do are considered in relation to each other when making choices about what to say yes to in life. Sometimes a whole lot of "good things" add up to a very stressful, potentially overwhelming and unhealthy life.

Putting time and energy into producing good fruit is a great thing but, if you, the branch, are stressed to breaking point, it's possible you may need to thin the fruit a little for the good of the branch.

Do you have one-good-thing-too-many in your life right now?

I have often supported people to have a conversation where they can reflect with someone outside of their situation on re-balancing life when they are feeling stressed and not always by bad things in and of themselves. Also, I can help people grow skills around learning to be healthy in saying yes, knowing when to say no, and how to say no.

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